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Lockdown 2.0

Melbourne has gone into stage 4 Covid-19 restrictions which means photography is not an approved business, which means I am not allowed to work outside my house. We are however allowed out between the hours of 5am - 8pm for 1 hour of exercise, within a 5km radius of where we live. During this 1 hour I have been documenting the things that I see on my daily walks (which are on my instagram account - have also been contributing to a dedicated instagram account called looklook_lookbook, where photographers in lockdown are given a word based “challenge” every week. This weeks word is “SMILE” and this was my submission!

Pierogi Pierogi!

I managed to get in a few shoots inbetween lockdowns and one of them was for Pierogo Pierogo, a small company who has had to change the way they work from catering events, to offering frozen product in store and delicious home delivery.  

West End Place for Juddy Roller

Juddy Roller have been a long time client and it’s been great to see Shaun move on to curate some of the largest projects in Melbourne. I went down to the newest project - West End Place to take some work in progress shots, can’t wait to see this completed!

Hotels of Pyongyang - Book Release

After a few environmental setbacks Head Tilt Press  and James Scullin have released Hotels of Pyongyang for sale online at
I had the amazing experience last year of traveling to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to photograph 11 hotels in 4 days (yes 4 days) with minimal time, minimal camera gear and no laptop! (I usually shoot architecture tethered so it was a bit of an experience) 
There were more then a few challenges with photographing the hotels, but our amazing guides did such a wonderful job in conveying what we needed to the hotel staff, and I still can’t quite get over how accommodating most people were.
The result is this publication, nearly 200 pages of images of some of the most fabulous and nostalgic hotel interiors, from karaoke rooms, bars, pool areas to grand dining halls and portraits of hotel staff members.
A huge thanks to James Scullin, the man behind the project and who took me along to a country I thought was impossible to go to, for literally an experience of a life time, and put all the hard work into producing the book. 

Fake Flowers on Fire

During the lockdown of Covid-19 I set up a little space outside so I could keep myself busy and keep photographing. This is a series of fake flowers from the local Vietnamese market, not costing more then a few dollars each. The effect on my health from the fumes is another story though and my C-stand will never be the same! Some of these are availabe as limited edition prints.