Nicole Reed –

Nicole Reed is a photographer.

Based in Melbourne, her work spans editorial, documentary, architecture and portraiture all with a fine art aesthetic.

Nicole’s ability to see, create and capture both the familiar and fantastic is a result of her need to do more and see more. Her work has taken her from mining towns in rural Australia to the Hotels of Pyongyang, North Korea. She has worked with publications that are newsstand staples, sporting teams, comedians and cutting-edge artists and designers.

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Selected clients:

Ambush Gallery
Artefact Industries
Australian Financial Review Magazine
Big hArt
Brisbane Lions Football Club
City of Melbourne
Cosh Living
Crumpler Bags
Hawthorn Football Club
Homes for Homes
Hot Black Design
Hotels of Pyongyang (North Korea)
Juddy Roller
Kett Furniture
Melbourne City Council
Melbourne Victory Football Club
Momentum Energy
South Pacific Linen
St. Ali Coffee
The Big Issue / VISA
Tennis Australia
Token Artist Management

Universal Music
Village Cinema,
Volley Footwear
Warner Music

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

Sun Studios Melbourne and Ambush Gallery Canberra: Scenes from the People’s Paradise - Pyongyang. An exhibition of street scenes and architecture in Pyongyang, North Korea

National Gallery of Victoria: Tattooed City - a three story projection on the outside walls of the gallery.

Liberty Place, Sydney: Fieldnotes - Hong Kong -an immersive and multidisciplinary exhibition featuring images from several trips to Hong Kong

Cockatoo Island: Outpost - in conjunction with T-world featuring 40 three meter portraits of street art luminaries.

Ian Potter Gallery: TEES - in conjunction with T-world featured portraits of local T-shirt designers and artists.

Independent Photography Festival: No Dunk Shots - an exhibition of abandoned basketball courts.

Selected Awards:

2020 Australian Photography Awards - Best Portrait
2020 Australian Photography Awards - Shortlist Best Travel Photography 
2018 CCP Salon 2018 - Best Print 
2015 Desktop Magazine Best Photographer Award